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Random Thursday Jan 2nd Edition!

So there is a lovely random post hosted by three lovely gals. I haven’t participated in one of these for some time so why not today! So here is it….RT74

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  1. No longer being on a volunteer board! Four years, a lot of responsibilities (mostly self inflicted) and a lot of work. Only on more month and I am outta there…. ahahhaha I can’t wait. Although I will have spare time again which kind of freaks me out.
  2. Having an adorable little baby! I am not one crazy overly excited mom to be like the smug mom song is, but I am looking forward to this new crazy chapter that is about to begin
  3. Reading, reading & more reading! I have some books, blogs and articles that i’d like to dive into.
  4. Going on Maternity Leave! I get a whole 12 months of not working at my job, while I will be very busy with a new baby it will be kind of interesting to see how I handle not working a regular 8-4 job, the last time I was unemployed was 2005 for 3 months.

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Out of the abyss

Well I am back, I have crawled out of whatever abyss that was and am alive and kicking  and…. oh and pregnant! No need for any congratulations but if you’re curious about how I am doing, I am doing just fine! I am into my 2nd trimester now and things seem to be going well. That awesome morning sickness was mostly just a great feeling of nausea throughout the day and it seems to have disappeared and I am feeling (dare I say it) almost normal again.  Apparently, according to the books this is the glory stage of the pregnancy, feeling energized again, a little more lovely and a new glow. I can’t say that I am feeling super lovely and glow-y yet but maybe that will change in the coming weeks.

So now that I am getting into this new stage of my life I may be blogging about it more often. While I have been reading a lot of momma type blogs I just want to write something about it all.

Project Me



I like projects, I like organizing, goal setting and seeing things through. The problem I have is I never focus that dedication, energy or motivation on myself. Sure, sometimes I do it for small bursts of time and then it slowly pittles away until there is nothing but me and a shitty feeling about myself and you know  feeling like a failure. So my friend said, I should think of myself as a project, for some reason I never made this connection and I feel like this is the trick to help me over come some of my own obstacles. So I am going to get moving on making a project me project. Re-imagine myself and work on my issues, my biggest being getting active and healthy.



On Vacation….sorta….

This week is pretty much the only week I booked for vacay. Originally, I had planned to drop the arts council stuff and just relax. Oh the dreams we have! That idea of dropping the stuff for the week sure hasn’t happened yet, I had a meeting with a city official, side meetings and phone calls to make and to top it all off it’s freaking thursday and I am still doing arts council shit. I feel like the pile is just getting bigger and more complex. I really dislike that feeling. I suppose I should be happy that I am not at work and doing all this spare AC work after work. I am getting caught up and maybe even ahead a little? I just have this impossible need to finish things or just get it done which is good but does not allow me to delegate much or wait for things to happen.  I just want to relax more, drink, take a nap, and read a trashy book or two.

ok rant over…. I think I may just take a nap.


okay so…

now what


I have been gearing up for a super big event and now it is over. I get my time back. Today we sorted the materials from our event, put things away or donated them and here I am sitting around totally unsure what to do. Clean the house – naw, bake a cake- meh, I just don’t know what to do with myself! It feels really surreal, I can go back to my normal routine I just don’t remember what it was. Weird right? I know you spend all your time focusing on one thing. well not exclusively one thing, but you know what I’m trying to say right? It just feels weird now. Maybe tomorrow will just be Sunday.


Random Thursday!

Just another awesome Random Thursday Post from Em, Lin & Meg

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So many fun things to think about…

1. collecting journals, i’m not sure how i have about 12 blank fresh journals, i do get a few as gifts from friends. pierre belvedere are my personal favourites, now if only i could fill all the books i have. pierrebelvedere

2. i am aslo with em on the beer… I love a variety in my fridge, seasonal beers and beers i can no longer get because they are in the yukon like Cranberry Wheat Ale. Checkout beer worth freezing for here:

3. TV: I grew up on the ol’ tube, watched many shows probably far too young, Alfred Hitchock Presents, Get Smart, Green Acres, Bewitched we had a US satelite dish and I had no one watching me so… I was slightly addicted at a young age now i’m much better at moderation. my attention span has suffered a bit though. I can pretty much block anyone out while watching TV.

4. All things Joss Wheadon…. it started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie in the 90’s and then Buffy the show, onto Angel, Firefly, DollHouse etc etc the man is a genius! I was collecting the comic’s but I’m waiting until they are in larger book form rather than individual comics.

5. sarcasm & dry humour are the reoccurring trend in many of my friendships. love it.

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Random Thursday!

So there is a lovely random post hosted by three lovely gals. I thought I’d join in on this weeks random thursday-ness which is all about…. RT35

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Finally something I can honestly answer! Oh I have so so so so many but here is a small sampling

1. People in groups that walk in front of you and they are walking really slow on the street, in the mall, or at the grocery store- it is the worst during the holidays I just want to push people over sometimes.

2. Like Em, another one the tops my list is people that don’t put their bag down on a bus, especially when it’s crowded. I don’t need your bag right in my face while you are plugged into your ipod ignoring the fact that you keep hitting me in the face.

3.  When I am at a Board Meeting, that I volunteer for and people are talking and having side conversations. We have an agenda people shut the fuck up and let’s get on with it.

4. Watching tv online and it keeps skipping, pausing and reloading. I could seriously throw something into the tv some times. Sorry I’m getting a bit worked up just thinking of all these things.

5. REALLY incredibly loud personal conversations. I don’t want to hear about your love life, your weird mom or your random room mate gossip. It’s called an inside voice no one wants to hear it so shhhhhhh.

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