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a week with out any cards

September 2, 2012

I am very good at making lists, creating budgets and generally being super organized. One of my favourite shows is Til Debt do us Part and money guru is Gail vaz Oxlade, she really knows her stuff and I have taken a lot of her advice. Unfortunately, I have issues with sticking to a budget. I can plan to my heart’s content and yet I can’t do so well. Actually, lets be honest here I have two things I don’t do so well the first being that I can’t stick to a budget and secondly, getting into a healthy routine (more on that one later). So right now I am trying to get my finances in order and I have some lofty financial goals.
This week I am giving up my debit cards and credit cards! Tomorrow I am handing my debit card over to my friend for the week. No debit card, I will have a crisp new $20 bill in my wallet.
I’m not entirely sure when I got into the habit of the coffee dates, or the “I don’t know what to bring for lunch, I’ll just go grab something instead” habit but I’ve slowly spend what is supposed to be my savings. Terrible I know! So wish me luck!

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