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10 on Tuesday

September 11, 2012

A fun post about 10 random things you can check out more fun random things over here for now here are my

Here I go with mine
1. I watched “friends with kids” this weekend I really should have read the reviews at The Tyee first. Worst movie I’ve seen in awhile.

2. I’m not sure why but I am starting to feel like all I do on FB is just read people’s status’ and then promptly sign out.  I don’t find I have much to say these days.

3. I am currently on week 2 of no cash in my wallet along with no debit or credit cards, yes I may be a little nuts but I am trying to be a realist and cut down on my miscellaneous expenses.

4. On the weekend I went to the inlaws and made salsa. It was good, but I had to cut like 6 onions, and I hate onions, I felt like it was a test of some sort on my character. I’m sure I passed. My eyes are still stinging just thinking about all those onions.

5.  So soon these will be white wine, don’t they look yummy?

6. Ever wonder about cleaning products if they actually work or how to clean something properly? I have found this handy little site Clean My Space which has helped and scared the crap out of me when it comes to cleaning. Check it out here.

7. I just started watching Modern Family, why I didn’t believe people when they said this was funny like 3 years ago is beyond me. If you haven’t checked it out I really think you ought to!


8.  Fall is finally here and I am completely enjoying the cooler weather. It is time to shuffle the closet and bring back those big comfy sweaters!

9.  I have come to realize since I have been out of university my communication skills have taken a significant backslide. I try explaining things lately and I sound like an idiot. I really have to work on it.

10. It has been 3 weeks since my boyfriend tried to “fix” the passenger side window of our car. The motor that allows the window to go down or up has been broken for almost 2 years and I asked him to fix it while i was away on vacation. He took it apart, got the replacement part which didn’t work properly and for 3 weeks now we have had a series of duct tape on the window, the door panel is removed and the only thing holding the glass up is some plastic pex pipe, foam and styrofoam stuffed under the window to keep it up. Needless to say I am not amused.


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  1. Ha! That door made me giggle.

    Modern Family is one of my favorites! It’s just so hilarious.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. linnysvault permalink

    1. I was actually looking forward to seeing that movie. Thanks for the heads up.
    2. Ha, that’s all I ever do. Im not gonna lie, I use it to snoop on people.
    3. Bravo to you! Seriously, I applaud you because i could never do this.
    4. Onions are horrid. I can’t even be in the house when someone’s cutting an onion because my eyes will start tearing like crazy.
    5. Yes! I could eat grapes every day of the year.
    7. Love this show, it’s hilarious. The hubs & I watched the first 2 seasons in 3 days a few months ago. Yeah, we were so proud of ourselves.
    8. Lucky duck. Here in SoCal we’re still in the high 100’s. I want cool weather, darn it!
    10. Bahaha! Boys & their duct tape. They swear it fixes everything.

    Thanks for linking up! And I noticed you have my button on your side bar, you rock for posting it 😉

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