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Fill in the blank friday!

December 7, 2012

Hello everyone! It has been awhile, I was off contemplating blogging or not blogging and what it all means and decided i’d just do what i’d like and leave it at that. simple, effective and good enough! Since I am off work today and it’s friday, i thought i’d start with a Fill in the blank Friday! The Fill in the Blanks series is typically created by Lauren from thelittlethingswedo but today Kate from My Name is Purl will be hosting.

1. My favourite place I have visited (or would like to visit) in the US is although I was only in this city for a few mere hours I really like the feel of Portland, I want to see more of it!  What I love most about it is we checked out Powell’s Books, Stumptown Coffee and Vodoo Doughnuts and a small mexican restaurant. it was a quick trip but an adventure! Plus is saw my friend photos of the coast and it looks wonderful!

2. My favourite place I have visited (or would like to visit) in Europe is oh Europe, you have been on my bucket list since the age of 14.  When I was 14 I went to this International Lion’s Camp and met an amazing group of peers from around the world, I connected with an Italian girl Ana and since then I have a love affair with Italy, I’m not sure why maybe it was reading Hemingway as a teen and thinking about sitting in a villa in Italy with a type writer looking out the window and writing my biography but I have always always always wanted to go to Italy. It’s funny thinking about it now because my partner is a 100% Italian. hmmm coincidence? What I love most about it is the history, food and richness of wine!

3. My favourite movie (location wise) set in the US is New York City, it’s classic! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Avengers its great to see the change over the years.

4. My favourite movie (location wise) set in Europe is Paris, it is romantic and historically rich I love it!

5. My favourite band/musician from the US is currently right now hmmmm…. AWOLNATION

6. My favourite band/musician from Europe is currently I do like Amy Winehouse, I mostly listen to a lot of Canadian Indie Bands.

7. I love where I live in Merritt BC, it may be cold but I do like the quiet.

til next time….


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