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Random Thursday

December 14, 2012



So there is a lovely random post hosted by three lovely gals. I thought I’d join in on this weeks random thursday-ness which is all about….RT22

Oh the endless consumerism i could participate in if i had a fella that bought me gifts galore.

1. New Lens kit: Wide angel, macro lens me with filters please!


2. A mini shopping spree of a least $100 at Reitmas’s would be divine I really need a wardrobe update.

3. I have wanted one for years and years and since the new year is coming up I’d really like an elliptical. I need some exercise routine in my life!

4. I love my lil macbook, since 2009 it has been sooooo good to me but I’d love a nice new one, I like the solid keypads for typing no ipads for this gal. oh to dream

macpro5. last but not least I would most certainly take a tropical vacation for February!

A girl can dream, what a magical christmas morning i’d have if all the things i just wrote down came to me!

happy holidays!


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  1. I would so love to have a macbook!

  2. linnysvault permalink

    Ooh, I’ll take one of those tropical vacations too! I definitely need one.

    Thanks for linking up, sweets.

  3. I would LOVE a new camera. And a laptop. *sigh*

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