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An update of sorts

January 12, 2013

Well it is 2013 now and into the 3 week (almost) so i suppose it is time for an update of sorts. NYE was nice quiet and comfortable. I started January with a no wheat/dairy for the month challenge and so far it’s going pretty well. I won’t lie but i have my 1/2 cup of diary every day. I can’t drink espresso straight up and soy just doesn’t do it for me. I am actually surprised i’m not as crazed with craving the wheat as I thought i’d be. I think I have to thank the quinoa for that one. Thanks Quinoa!

The office is back in full swing and I guess because it’s a new year & people had time off they are feeling much more happy and well balanced. The normal negative bubble of my section has all but dissipated for now. whew! i am glad.  I did have an impromptu reiki session 2 weeks ago with a volunteer I work with. I feel a hell of a lot better and not as negative, I think I was carrying around a lot of pent up negativity. my reiki friend is also helping me out with a stone I can use to help ward off some of that negative energy too. awesome right?

I am getting better at switching off the tv, it might be because I am busy with my volunteering (i am the prez of an organization right now) but it is an improvement. I really have to figure out what i can delegate off my plate as I am doing a lot and it cuts into my after work time, significantly. Actually one of the reasons i don’t blog is because i blog for them and it’s tough thinking of content all by your lonesome.

Other than that things are looking up!



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