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March 14, 2013

My most ambitious goal of the year is to dramatically shift my fitness and over all health and of course I let it slide. I wish I could say I started off really well, I didn’t. Well maybe I did, if really well means 2 days at the pool in a week, a week as in one whole week. Then sure I started ok. But I am back to my “normal” epic failings when it comes to feeling and being healthy. I am trying not to beat myself up, I even started a morning mantra where I think of three really good things about myself. Lately they have been the following:  I am…. honest, healthy & happy. Once in awhile I throw the b word in-as in- Beautiful. I am trying this new glass half full, surround yourself with positive thoughts and a shift will happen. I will keep you posted on how it turns out. I am feeling pretty good that it will help. We are our own worst critics and when you think about it, how you think about yourself, would you think of anyone else like this? No? Well then why the hell are you doing it to yourself? Good question right!

So I am dusting off the ol’ swimsuit & running shoes and out I go again! Wish me luck!


click here for sourcerunning woman


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  1. Remember to keep focused and enjoy the road along the way- it’s when the best moments in life happen 🙂 Will be following to egg you on xx

  2. check out my site. I think you will find some good daily motivation.

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