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Random Thursday!

March 14, 2013

So there is a lovely random post hosted by three lovely gals. I thought I’d join in on this weeks random thursday-ness which is all about…. RT35

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Finally something I can honestly answer! Oh I have so so so so many but here is a small sampling

1. People in groups that walk in front of you and they are walking really slow on the street, in the mall, or at the grocery store- it is the worst during the holidays I just want to push people over sometimes.

2. Like Em, another one the tops my list is people that don’t put their bag down on a bus, especially when it’s crowded. I don’t need your bag right in my face while you are plugged into your ipod ignoring the fact that you keep hitting me in the face.

3.  When I am at a Board Meeting, that I volunteer for and people are talking and having side conversations. We have an agenda people shut the fuck up and let’s get on with it.

4. Watching tv online and it keeps skipping, pausing and reloading. I could seriously throw something into the tv some times. Sorry I’m getting a bit worked up just thinking of all these things.

5. REALLY incredibly loud personal conversations. I don’t want to hear about your love life, your weird mom or your random room mate gossip. It’s called an inside voice no one wants to hear it so shhhhhhh.

ok that’s all I got. Join in and link up here: 


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  1. Oh yeah, #1 is sooo annoying! I hate that! I just want to pass and get my stuff done!

  2. I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT #1!!!!! Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. I used to work in a mall and there’d be these gaggles of little Asian girls dawdling and giggling and taking up the entire hallway. Most irritating thing ever when you’re trying to get to the food court, order your bagel, eat and make it back to your store on your half hour lunch break. Let’s move, people!

  3. Haha, I actually laughed out loud while reading #3. Not sticking to the point while taking up my time irritates the hell out of me too. Dude, my cubicle neighbor talks about her love life out loud ALL the time. It’s so annoying and feels like such a pathetic cry for attention. It’s like, I should never ever know what sexual acts you did with your date the night before…gross.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

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