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Random Thursday!

April 12, 2013

Just another awesome Random Thursday Post from Em, Lin & Meg

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So many fun things to think about…

1. collecting journals, i’m not sure how i have about 12 blank fresh journals, i do get a few as gifts from friends. pierre belvedere are my personal favourites, now if only i could fill all the books i have. pierrebelvedere

2. i am aslo with em on the beer… I love a variety in my fridge, seasonal beers and beers i can no longer get because they are in the yukon like Cranberry Wheat Ale. Checkout beer worth freezing for here:

3. TV: I grew up on the ol’ tube, watched many shows probably far too young, Alfred Hitchock Presents, Get Smart, Green Acres, Bewitched we had a US satelite dish and I had no one watching me so… I was slightly addicted at a young age now i’m much better at moderation. my attention span has suffered a bit though. I can pretty much block anyone out while watching TV.

4. All things Joss Wheadon…. it started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie in the 90’s and then Buffy the show, onto Angel, Firefly, DollHouse etc etc the man is a genius! I was collecting the comic’s but I’m waiting until they are in larger book form rather than individual comics.

5. sarcasm & dry humour are the reoccurring trend in many of my friendships. love it.

ok that’s all I got. Join in and link up here: 


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  1. Oh, I love beer, I also have a lot of journals, sarcasm and dry humor rock and I love Buffy.

  2. Every time I hear Em talk about how great beer is it makes me wish so damn bad that I liked it haha. I never thought I was journal person but after reading your post I looked over at my nightstand & I have like 5 of them just sitting there.

    Oh my gosh, I love love love Bewitched! When I was a kid I used to watch Samantha twitch her nose & try doing the same, hoping that some magic would come of it. I know, what a dork. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  3. I collect journals too! basically any cute notebook. I never write in them though because my handwriting is disgusting and I don’t want to ruin their beauty.
    mmm beer, love it!
    thanks for linking up!!

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