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Fitness & Heath

My most ambitious goal of the year is to dramatically shift my fitness and over all health and of course I let it slide. I wish I could say I started off really well, I didn’t. Well maybe I did, if really well means 2 days at the pool in a week, a week as in one whole week. Then sure I started ok. But I am back to my “normal” epic failings when it comes to feeling and being healthy. I am trying not to beat myself up, I even started a morning mantra where I think of three really good things about myself. Lately they have been the following:  I am…. honest, healthy & happy. Once in awhile I throw the b word in-as in- Beautiful. I am trying this new glass half full, surround yourself with positive thoughts and a shift will happen. I will keep you posted on how it turns out. I am feeling pretty good that it will help. We are our own worst critics and when you think about it, how you think about yourself, would you think of anyone else like this? No? Well then why the hell are you doing it to yourself? Good question right!

So I am dusting off the ol’ swimsuit & running shoes and out I go again! Wish me luck!


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Getting caught up

I just really like this picture so it isn’t necessarily connected with what i am about to write.


I had all these intentions with the new year, change, dedication, motivation and that renewed sense of feeling fresh and free of the shackles of last year. Now i’m a feeling surprised, tired and thankfully, still ready for change!  I finally sat down and had a good hard look at my debt and decided to go to the bank! I didn’t have a local financial advisor here as I have only been living here for 3 years and I haven’t made the switch to local banking reps yet. But I went and sat down and eeek! got rid of my security blanket, my line of Credit. I have had this thing since I was 20 and it has been almost maxed since I have had it. Time to go. It was difficult, scary and rewarding to let that go.

In addition to getting a loan to pay off my line of credit, I got them to take my credit cards with them, both of them. I know have one $500 card and that is all I need.

So far I am feeling pretty good about it, I am way less stressed and that gnawing feeling at the back of my head has subsided significantly.  Yay!

An update of sorts

Well it is 2013 now and into the 3 week (almost) so i suppose it is time for an update of sorts. NYE was nice quiet and comfortable. I started January with a no wheat/dairy for the month challenge and so far it’s going pretty well. I won’t lie but i have my 1/2 cup of diary every day. I can’t drink espresso straight up and soy just doesn’t do it for me. I am actually surprised i’m not as crazed with craving the wheat as I thought i’d be. I think I have to thank the quinoa for that one. Thanks Quinoa!

The office is back in full swing and I guess because it’s a new year & people had time off they are feeling much more happy and well balanced. The normal negative bubble of my section has all but dissipated for now. whew! i am glad.  I did have an impromptu reiki session 2 weeks ago with a volunteer I work with. I feel a hell of a lot better and not as negative, I think I was carrying around a lot of pent up negativity. my reiki friend is also helping me out with a stone I can use to help ward off some of that negative energy too. awesome right?

I am getting better at switching off the tv, it might be because I am busy with my volunteering (i am the prez of an organization right now) but it is an improvement. I really have to figure out what i can delegate off my plate as I am doing a lot and it cuts into my after work time, significantly. Actually one of the reasons i don’t blog is because i blog for them and it’s tough thinking of content all by your lonesome.

Other than that things are looking up!


On the Edge of the New Year

This 2013 New Year thing is really getting me thinking, pondering and wanting to write. Every year around this time I sit down and write a few things down, on paper, very old fashioned I know! Typically it starts with reviewing what I wrote the previous year and then I start writing about what I learned over the past year. Once that’s done I write about what I’d like to learn in the coming year. Rather than make resolutions, I send my intentions out to the universe, many times after I have reviewed my past year’s writing I find one or two of those intentions have come true. I feel like this year I have a big list so here goes some reflecting:

Last winter was tough on me, emotionally, I felt so exhausted, unmotivated, tired, cranky and just miserable. It took a bit of time for me to realize that the winter really affects me, as much as I enjoy sleeping in the dark (love love love it), the dark mornings and dark evenings really get me down. This winter I have taken steps to avoid that depressed feeling I had last year starting with regularly taking my liquid vitamin D drops, upping my calcium magnesium and taking vitamins. I have to say I feel 10000% better than last year. I actually wake up feeling rested and dare i say Happy. I like it, and I hope this feeling sticks around!

I currently work in an office as an admin person, and as much as i like my job I work with others that have a real negative energy (and vocally announce how much they hate their job). Until recently I didn’t realize the effect it was having on me. I came home every day  feeling it then spreading it out to my boyfriend, which is really unfair. Last week, when I was reading one of my old Oprah magazines they mentioned how to cope with a negative work space  leaving that negative shit at the door of the office, imagining putting in a box or in a balloon and letting it go. I am going to be working on doing this more often. I can’t change the people i work with but I can change my attitude. I like my job but my job doesn’t define who I am, it is a small part of me, I have always said the life I have outside of work is what matters most to me, my family, friends, volunteerism that’s what makes me me.

You know, even with out cable/satellite tv, I still watch too much internet tv. I have hobbies, crafts, things i’d like to work on but instead after work, i get home, make dinner, eat dinner and sit in front of the tv with my boyfriend (and we generally don’t talk much) until I go to bed. Worst habit ever. I am going to be limiting my tv and internet use when I get home. Real conversations happen when the TV is off, constructive crafting and learning is done when the TV is off. Must remember this fact.

Lastly, I realized how hard i am on myself. I set up these lofty goals, high expectations and when I can meet what I think I should I feel bad and stop trying. I have to be more realistic about where I am and take it slow. There are so many things I want to do, want to change, want to be that and it won’t happen over night. Small steps lead to bigger changes. I have to start smaller and work up.

Contemplating Change

Maybe it is because this year is ending and all those ads about New Years Resolutions that are making me feel the need for some changes in my life. Mind you I always feel the need for some personal improvements. So I’ve got some lofty, ambitious goals in my brain that I have to get started on. Don’t worry I actually do the SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).

but here are a few

January: No Wheat/No Dairy – me and 2 friends are doing a 31 day challenge of no wheat/dairy for the month.  I need a break from the wheat part! The dairy is an added challenge, I did for some time go without both but it has been some time. I am also reading the book Wheat Belly just to understand the relationship we have with wheat. I don’t think I will be cutting it out for ever reducing for sure.

Budget, Budget, Budget: I have a plan, a detailed excel sheet and I’m not in my overdraft so i am kicking it up a notch and sticking to cash and being accountable! Debt sucks and i have to pull up my socks and knock it down to a reasonable level!

Health & Fitness: Me + Gym = After my July back injury I haven’t really been back. The morning is the best time to get up and go so I will be going back.

Sounds daunting doesn’t it? Wish me luck!



Random Thursday



So there is a lovely random post hosted by three lovely gals. I thought I’d join in on this weeks random thursday-ness which is all about….RT22

Oh the endless consumerism i could participate in if i had a fella that bought me gifts galore.

1. New Lens kit: Wide angel, macro lens me with filters please!


2. A mini shopping spree of a least $100 at Reitmas’s would be divine I really need a wardrobe update.

3. I have wanted one for years and years and since the new year is coming up I’d really like an elliptical. I need some exercise routine in my life!

4. I love my lil macbook, since 2009 it has been sooooo good to me but I’d love a nice new one, I like the solid keypads for typing no ipads for this gal. oh to dream

macpro5. last but not least I would most certainly take a tropical vacation for February!

A girl can dream, what a magical christmas morning i’d have if all the things i just wrote down came to me!

happy holidays!

Fill in the blank friday!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile, I was off contemplating blogging or not blogging and what it all means and decided i’d just do what i’d like and leave it at that. simple, effective and good enough! Since I am off work today and it’s friday, i thought i’d start with a Fill in the blank Friday! The Fill in the Blanks series is typically created by Lauren from thelittlethingswedo but today Kate from My Name is Purl will be hosting.

1. My favourite place I have visited (or would like to visit) in the US is although I was only in this city for a few mere hours I really like the feel of Portland, I want to see more of it!  What I love most about it is we checked out Powell’s Books, Stumptown Coffee and Vodoo Doughnuts and a small mexican restaurant. it was a quick trip but an adventure! Plus is saw my friend photos of the coast and it looks wonderful!

2. My favourite place I have visited (or would like to visit) in Europe is oh Europe, you have been on my bucket list since the age of 14.  When I was 14 I went to this International Lion’s Camp and met an amazing group of peers from around the world, I connected with an Italian girl Ana and since then I have a love affair with Italy, I’m not sure why maybe it was reading Hemingway as a teen and thinking about sitting in a villa in Italy with a type writer looking out the window and writing my biography but I have always always always wanted to go to Italy. It’s funny thinking about it now because my partner is a 100% Italian. hmmm coincidence? What I love most about it is the history, food and richness of wine!

3. My favourite movie (location wise) set in the US is New York City, it’s classic! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Avengers its great to see the change over the years.

4. My favourite movie (location wise) set in Europe is Paris, it is romantic and historically rich I love it!

5. My favourite band/musician from the US is currently right now hmmmm…. AWOLNATION

6. My favourite band/musician from Europe is currently I do like Amy Winehouse, I mostly listen to a lot of Canadian Indie Bands.

7. I love where I live in Merritt BC, it may be cold but I do like the quiet.

til next time….